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FaMESHed pins


Another month and another round of FaMESHed as usual some of the biggest stores in SL bring us new releases, of original content for your avatar and your home a few shops are late this week but i promise to stop by tomorrow and check for updates.

See you all in a bit with more news and events.


It´s tragic


A lot happens today, and you guys know i like doing a blog post every now and then, specially when there is a new event in town, Which is the case of Oneword that should be now open.


So every edition of this event is themed by one word, the first edition is Tragedy, and i fell in love with this new MINA hair for it.

But Oneword is not the only event starting today, FaMESHed is back with a new edition like clockwork every month, and it´s where i bought this lovely structured dress from Mutresse, with plenty of colour options, and which i tinted slightly darker for a more noir feel NS Qa pwerfwct fro the new released shoes from Hucci.

Also since it´s Carnaval time and Madi Grass and even tho i don´t personally do hunts in SL but i was over at Papermoon the last shop on the list of 104 that take part in this Spring edition of The Twisted Hunt, one of the eldest and best know hunts in SL, and i wanted a picture themed for the holiday and for that used Sohma´s pretty setup with her hunt gift.

Have fun today guys, plenty to do on the grid for those who celebrate the world wide holidays like me and get to enjoy some extra free time or a long weekend.

See you all soon with more news and events.



Skin: League – Isa
Hair: Mina – Monique (Oneword)
Eyes: Jalwa – Nebula
Lashes: Snow Rabbit
Dress: Mutresse – Stilna Dress (FaMESHed)
Shoes: Hucci – Payson Sandal (New Release)
Mesh Hands and Feet by Slink
Manicure and Pedicure by Orc Inc.

Papa Legba Veve (hunt prize) at  Papermoon (The Twisted Hunt spring 2014
Pose by Adorkable – Floored 2 (marketplace only)






FaMESHed pins


Every first of the month i bring you FaMESHed as soon as it´s possible for me but i love when it falls on a weekend because i get the pinboard out a lot earlier.

So enjoy this amazing day for shopping while i run around getting you guys all the news and events opening today. Se you all in a bit with more.


Enchantment and FaMESHed


Better late then never they say and this time i´m only one day late for Enchantment and FaMESHed.


Enchantment is a new event, that every 3 months brings you an old Fairy Tale in a new edition, with inspired landscape and unique items. This being the first edition it´s a new pinboard, whilst FaMESHed is an old time regular.

Both opened on the 1st and i´m really sorry for the delay in pinning them, see you guys again soon, while i slowly update all pinboards, for this week.


Today´s round up of events part 1: FaMESHed and The Arcade


There are a lot of events going on today and i tried my best in covering them all, so i´m setting them up in parts for easier organizing and browsing, so here it is part 1 that includes FaMESHed and The Arcade. Remember if you have yard sales drop the name of the sim and a slurl on the Arcade´s first two pins, if you don´t have a Pinterest account, drop me a shout anywhere and i´ll add it myself. See you all later with more events.





Zen Cardamom


Hi everyone, long time since i did an actual blog post i know, there´s been so much to pin lately, because as usual SL is buzzing with events and activities, something i love, so this blog post comes with a bit of a delay.

Shape: mine
Skin: Jalwa- Sonam – Cardamom (New Release with Slink appliers)
Eyes: Ikon -Sunrise’ Eyes
Eyelashes: Maxi Gossamer - Eyelashes – Groomed

Hair: booN- KGI848
Outfit: Bare Rose - Kokubyaku Long
Hands and Feet: by Slink with nails by Orc Inc.

You all know how much i love events, and i keep earing constantly of people saying, they are to many events i can´t keep up with them all, well i sometimes think there aren´t enough events, that even tho the amount of mainstream shop do get represented, a lot of cliques and small groups and communities, don´t get the same exposure, and they sure deserve it.

We <3 Roleplay came to fill in a void for the rp community, so has Genre since the start of this year, and even now as World Goth Fair starts, suddenly a bunch of groups that are so far away from your usual mainstream fashion are getting noticed and filling up gaps and showing us new shops, making our SL more diverse and exciting.

All furniture from: Culprit

Available at FaMESHed are the  Zen set all other items available at mainstore 

So today i bring you guys a mix of events, Culprit at this months´s FaMESHed birthday edition, one of my favourite furniture shops at one of my favourite mainstream events, and a skin from Jalwa available only at another event  World Goth Fair a not so mainstream but incredibly popular one

With a little bit of Bare Rose that you will also find is a regular at Genre. And that is all for today, let me now get some rest and a nice massage, i hope you all have a marvelous start of the weekend, see you all tomorrow for more pinning.

Before i forget don´t miss out on a crazy sale at aDORKable since the inworld shop is closing, is incredibly sad to see one of my all time favourite pose shop close doors, but at least items will still be around on the marketplace.

Poses by aDORKable