Pinning Calendar:

Suggestion Box where anyone can leave their opinion, for improvements, suggestions or even randomly babble about the weather.

- You can also Join the Inworld Group

Here you can find Links and info on all my Pinboards events on Pinterest

Constantly Updated Pinboards:


My Funny Valentine

Easter Eggs

Pinning Hollows

Black Friday

A Letter to Santa

Spring Fever

Summer Breeze

Falling Leaves

Winter Came


Store Sales, One time Events, Hunts and Contests

Group Gifts

Best of…


Attach to right hand

Creators and Bloggers resources


Weekly Events:

25L Tuesdays

Woeful Wednesday

Fifty Linden Friday

The Neighbourhood

Lazy Sunday

Bi-weekly events:

Limited Bazaar

Monthly Events:

Atelier Kreslo




Limited 50

The Challenge

The Gallery Gift Shop

The Mens Dept.

Theme Park

We Love Role-Play

Bi-monthly Events:

My Attic

The Boutique

- The Garden

The Poser Pavilion

Quarterly Events:

Bees Through the Seasons

- Cosmetics Fair


Anuals and Special Events:

A Clockwork Spiral

Adore & Abhor’s 5th Anniversary!

Avatars for Animals

Bay City Fashion week

Candy Fair

Designers United

Free*Style Shop


Gothmas by Gaslight


Kawaii Fair



Pose Fair

Skin Fair



The Seasons Story

The Thrift Shop

The Wash Cart Sale

Wizarding Faire

World Goth Fair

I´m always looking for new events to pin but it depends a lot on my availability, since i´m one person, trying to my best in promoting them, you can always fill out the form below, but i ask you to drop me an im anytime since it will make sure i see your app in time, and i´m always available for a chat and to clear up any doubts.

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