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25L Tuesdays pins


Well it´s Tuesday again and that means a new round of 25L Tuesdays, which is perfect to find them awesome bargains, that´s all from me tonite, see you all in the morning for more news and events.


Stores in this Edition

Dysfunctional Designs
Sweet Poison
On A Lark
Gor Gurls
May’s Soul
Torvis Weapons
For F’s Sake!
Footpaw Industries
United InshCon
Sweet Kajira
Flecha Creations
Old World
Wild Talender
Poliak’s Emporium

Enchantment pins


Enchantment is pinned, and open to their update group members, public access will be at noon today, but you can always join the group and check my pinboard for early shopping or shopping organizing.

Have fun everyone and see you all again in a bit.


The Fantasy Collective pins


The Fantasy Collective is open with a new special mini round edition, and i´m off due to a severe case of allergies, see you all soon, well tomorrow, with more news and events.


Shoetopia pins Part 1


Shoetopia is now open, our big footwear annual event, the event will feature brand new releases, from some of best shoemakers in sl and also quite a few items for charity, and the one picked was: Soles4Souls, you can read more about the event in their blog.


Shoetopia 1

The event stretches for 2 sims and has over 50 shoe creators, including a lot more guests with several gatchas, and special donation items, i tried covering as much as possible in the past 2 days, and i´m 14 shops short from a full coverage at the moment. I will tho make a second blog post as soon as the pinboard is complete, which will happen after i finish all todays events, which are a lot of them. So see you all thru the day with more news.

We Love Roleplay is pinned


Well most of We Love Role-Play, and since it opens in a few hours, it´s nice to start looking at what´s available on this month´s edition, any missing shops will be added as soon as they are set.


Wizarding Faire pins


Wizarding Faire opened on the 6th and is perfect for all those Harry Potter fans and rpers, bu also for anyone with a love for magic and all wizardy things.


A few shops are missing because lag was pretty harsh or they where not setup

We Love Role-Play


Well it´s the 4th and that means as usual a new edition of We Love Role-Play. Most of the pins are done the few shops missing will be added tomorrow since i´m having serious connection issues tonite, Have a great weekend everyone.


Pinning all the events


Sorry for the delay guys there where a lot of events starting yesterday and i had no internet the nite before, but here it finally is, for your pleasure all events in on spot. First World Goth Fair, which you might remember i blogged last year, and now comes back bigger and better. And that i will be properly blogging soon.


Also cause iit´s the 15th  is time for both The Boutique and Genre. I´ll leave you all now an dget some well deserved rest. Happy shopping



The light at the end of the tunnel


Is sometimes just that a light, you all know how much i enjoy events and lately there have been a lot of them, so i get to do less of my regular blogging, but this weekend i actually had some time to take a few snaps, and again go back to landscaping and even some shopping.

So i dropped in at We Love Role-Play a brand new event dedicated to those who RP but not only, you all know i like different pics, and get tired of doing only fashion ones, besides i always felt a blog post had to show you either a character or a story, or a mood for me to really enjoy it.

I think that is a little obvious from most of my posts, and sure we all love pretty pictures but don´t we all love stories more? And since my writing is far from perfect or even acceptable i usually try to transmit those moods, stories thru my pics. Sometime ago in my post Amblyodipsas Rosaceae i tried to do Pancake´s (From over at Renoobed)  challenge, it´s called Create a Character Challenge but i had this feeling i had failed, since i wanted to blog this event this is my second try. You guys see why i don´t do challenges and memes? I´m never happy with m Challenge results, and i´m too private for memes.

This gorgeous skin from theSkinnery can be found at the event, and for once my brows don´t match and i don´t care, and here it goes another character, without a story i´ll let the pics speak for me.

Shape: mine
Skin: theSkinnery – Anais-Bewitched (We Love Role-Play)
Eyes: Ikon -Sunrise’ Eyes
Eyelashes: Maxi Gossamer - Eyelashes – Groomed

Hair: Analog Dog - nascent 
Dress: C’est la vie ! - Charm dress (We Love Role-Play)
Hands and Feet: by Slink with nails by Orc Inc.
Sandals: Slink - Ilena Sandals
Scale Pauldrons by HANDverk  (We Love Role-Play)
Necklace: Refined Wild - Pewter Totem Necklace
Bow: EZ Weaponry - Guilded Bow of Jie

1st  by aDORKable 2nd by Long Awkard Pose (no longer available)

At his head a grass-green turf, at his heels a stone.


Hello and i hope you all have a great monday, as you know i´ve been spending a lot of time with my Pinterest , and less doing my regular blogging but i´ve been having fun tho, and i think that sort of shows in my latest posts, and even if they are less frequent, the quality and dedication seems to be improving in my humble opinion.

Shape: mine
Skin: Mynerva  –  Milena
Eyes: Izzie’s – Natural Mesh Eyes
Eyelashes: Maxi Gossamer - Eyelashes – Groomed
Dress: The Muses – Nimue
Necklace: Maxi Gossamer - Sparkly Rocker
Flowers: BOOM - Nature’s Crown

Pose by Picture This! Poses – Ophelia

Well anyways i do like to think i am somehow improving, don´t we all? Isin´t that the reason we go out everyday and work harder, giving a little bit more of ourselves each single day?

But that is not what this blog post is about, not even i know very well what it is about to be honest, i just had these pics planned in ages, and never got around to do them, mostly due to time limitations, or lack of some components for it.

And over last week i was incredibly nostalgic about one event i will miss terribly this year: Crazy Hair Hunt, probably the only hunt i do from start to end, and that apparently won´t have an edition this year, but anyways, i managed to satisfy my need for quirky and different  hair with a trip to EMO-tions, and found this model that seemed perfect for this idea i´ve had for a few months, i already had the pose, which are sometimes for me the basic foundation of any picture, i already had the flowers and the dress, and could finally do my portrait of Ophelia, a young noblewoman driven into madness by the violence of the men around her, mumbling truths in her madness.

I didn´t want to portray her as a young virginal girl as often she´s seem, but has a rightful noblewoman strong and faithful until her world came tumbling down around her, and a lot more relatable to modern women who juggle so much on their daily live.

So here she is a reminder that things can end, and lives can change and tragedy could hit us all at any given time, leaving us weak and ready to give up.

And again those who know me know this is a far from a melancholia filled post, but again my usually practical side that says don´t take things for granted, and learn from stories, isin´t that what cautionary tales are there for?

Well see you all laters with more news and i hope everyone has a  good start of the week.