Spring Pinboards, Updates and news


Well as you all know i try to keep my pinboards organized, and i like to update you guys every now and then on out it all works, first it´s almost easter time and that means a come back for the Easter Eggs pinboard, with all your Easter themed pins.



But that´s not the only Spring promising pinboard, Spring Fever is also back with all regular shop releases for the season, and all the other regularly updated pinboard stay the same.

Creators and Bloggers resources for templates, mesh and system layers, interesting blog posts and of course any other resource i can find to share with you guys.
– Attach to right hand, for all mesh body parts and appliers or add-ons for them.
– Bromance, for the men
– Group Gifts, for all the VIP/subscribo/store freebies and any cheapie under 10L.
– Store Sales, One time Events, Hunts and Contests, which like the name says is more for general announcements.

And of course the usual events, so see you all tomorrow as i get ready for the crazy 15th usual rush of event openings.


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