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Skin Fair pins and Early Access Pass


Calm down guys, don´t run of to Skin Fair yet it´s official opening date is the 14th and it will be open until the 30th.

But… some groups get an early access pass starting at midnite today, as you can see in their blog here, there are also two groups that give you demos, to peacefully try all the Fair releases in the comfort of your own pixel couch.


As for the pins, I started pinning about a week ago, slowly in between my other regular boards, last year i have about 90 pins, i was new and inexperient, but this year alone i´m pretty close to 600, i tried to be as accurate as possible, but due to the  magnitude of this task there might be a few glitches, so let me know if any of the direct slurls to the shops is incorrect.

As of now all shops setup are pin leaving a handful missing, which will be added as soon as i can get back again on the sim. To each pin is added a slurl to the creator´s booth, i also tried my best to pin appliers options available, so you guys know beforehand if the skin is compatible to your meshy bits.

Here we go have fun, 3 sims of fun and a lot of skins, as for me i´m gonna head to bed and drop dead, see you all again soon with more news and events.

Woeful Wednesday pins


As usual Wednesdays are a little darker with a new edition of Woeful Wednesday, I´ll catch you all later with more news and events.


Stores in this Edition

LoveCats Designs
Chaos, Panic, & Disorder!
.:Stone Misery:. Prefabs & Furniture

Del’s Odd Shop
Yellow JesteR
Black Tulip