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I don´t know if you guys missed my pics, i know i did missed making them, but lately with a bit more time on my hands and mostly inspiration i got back into taking a few pics, most inserted in series with a bonding theme.

I did first, a series of 8 pictures mostly following this edition of Enchantment in mind, since Little Red Riding Hood is one of my all time favourite children stories (yes i had a red hood back them and wore it all the time).

But this pic is a little special it´s for a contest entry and i never ever do Photo contests, but Audio to Visual SL Photography is an amazing concept by Walton F. Wainwright (faust.steamer) owner of Contraption, and a very talented creator, i was excited with the simple rules, the idea and mostly the musical selection, so if you want a challenge, or to do a contest because it´s fun do not miss out on this one.

The song i picked was Iron by Woodkid an amazing artist with a unique style, that i find mind-blowing. And you can find it along with my recent pics on my brand new tumbrl account, since the blog is so filled with events, i post these there, with simplified credits.

That´s it for now guys, have a great weekend and don´t forget to enter this contest because it´s some of the most fun i´ve had in a long time taking pics.




Fifty Linden Friday pins


Just stopping by to quickly leave you all the pins for this edition of Fifty Linden Friday.

See you all soon with more news and events.


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